About Us

When Rhonda Savage started TrueLove Consulting, Inc. from her basement office in 1998, she had a mission - to help as many people as possible and specifically those most in need. In the beginning it was just Ms. Savage, a little Compaq computer, and the help from her daughter, sisters, and the occasional dinner break with her son.


As the years went by, TrueLove Consulting, Inc. exceeded expectations and when Ms. Savage passed in June of 2016, she knew her legacy would live on through all the Health Centers, CEO's, and people her hard work and dedication impacted on a daily basis.

Today, TrueLove Consulting, Inc. is run by Ms. Savage's Son, Jeremy Savage, and the company is continuing the vision of its founder.

TrueLove Consulting, Inc. has successfully assisted our clients in helping more than 1.5 million patients tap into more than $900 million in federal, state, and local funding supports since inception in 1998. 


The impact of TrueLove Consulting, Inc.'s efforts help to support our mission, as well as that of our clients. Together, we are making a remarkable difference!